Nicola Loveherso – Tantric Yoga Flow


Workshop Type: Yoga Workshop

Topic: Tantric Yoga Flow

Presenter: Nicola Loveherso

Tantra style yoga.
An esoteric system of spiritual practices aimed at expanding the consciousness and liberating the mind.
This tantric practice will be focusing on activating the chakras and Nadis thus consciously controlling energy flow.
Lifting your spirits with Asana, pranayama, bandhas and mudras.
Starting in a dynamic flow transitioning into a controlled static flow with direct concentration on the chakras. Finalising the class with a unique guided meditation as tibetan bowls and bells are intuitely played.

Nicola is a beautiful ray of sunshine who has Passionately gifted yoga for the past 3 insanely esoteric festivals. She has watched this festival grow and expand into something truly potent and epic. Attending Australian festivals for over 15 years appreciating the beauty, connection and divine experiences. Nicola is honoured to share the gift of yoga on home stomping grounds. Self practicing yoga for well over 8 years, teaching for 4 years, Nicola has transformed throughout the years of experience and has truly blossomed into an embodied ray of sunshine.

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