Nikita Kasai Kitsune – Creative Flow with Contact Poi


Lifestyle Space: Circue Fantasia

Workshop Type: Flow Workshop

Topic: Creative Flow with Contact Poi

Presenter: Nikita Kasai Kitsune


Nikita is a Melbourne-based flow artist and fire performer with a passion for poi, dance and movement exploration. With a background in martial-arts, Nikita continues to work on integrating martial elements into her flow, and she most enjoys telling stories through embodied and dynamic expression.
She has performed at festivals such as Esoteric, Rainbow Serpent, Subsonic, Burning Seed and Burning Man, as well as community events around Melbourne and regional Victoria. Nikita loves to introduce people to the magic of flow arts and share in the delights and healing nature of movement and creative self-discovery 🙂


Nikita’s journey into poi and flow arts has allowed her to greatly expand her range of motion, spatial awareness and ability to express through movement. In addition to offering the health benefits of improved mobility, balance, coordination and focus, this playful practice is a wonderful way to deepen mind-body connection, build confidence, and experience healing meditative flow states that calm the mind and ground the body. Nikita invites you to join in this cathartic and creative venture of self-discovery by exploring both expressive and practical poi frameworks in a fun and relaxed environment.

This poi workshop will explore various ways to accentuate your existing moves and style through footwork and stance fundamentals, as well as dynamic dance concepts. I will then take you through some practical Body Tracer pathways, including pathways under the leg while walking. Time permitting, we can also cover Contact Poi rolls!

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