Ra – Pranic Healing


Lifestyle Space: Zephyr Massage Space

Workshop Type: Massage Huts

Topic: Pranic Healing

Presenter: Ra

My name is Ra, my guide is the sun god of Ancient Egypt. Through Pranic Healing I channel divine healing energies, that help to balance the energetic system, healing traumas and unblocking emotions. I guide people to a journey towards discovering their inner truth, in a safe & welcoming space.

Previous Experience: I have healed for a few years, healing over 100 people. I spent most of my time healing in Egypt and Mexico as I only arrived back in Australia two months ago from 2 years overseas.  I worked as a full time healer over the past year. I believe it’s my life purpose and many of my clients and I have had really powerful profound experiences

Brief Description of Services:
Pranic Healing is scanning the human aura to detect energetic & emotional imbalances, it uses cleansing and energising techniques to improve the flow of energy, strengthening the aura & chakras.

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