Rachel Laing – Crystal Sound Journey


Workshop Type: Healing Workshop

Topic: Crystal Sound Journey

Presenter: Rachel Laing

Experience a deeply restorative sound journey featuring 9 crystal singing bowls and alchemy crystal bowls made from Quartz, Charcoal, 24ct Gold, Rose Quartz, Morganite & Platinum. Rachel weaves melodic and hypnotic vibrations with her voice, bowls, chimes & bells. This experience is perfect for beginners in meditation or for those who wish to deepen their practice. You cannot escape the healing properties of these incredibly powerful crystals as they wash through your energetic body, gently balancing your chakras, dispelling negative energy, transmuting trauma, clearing your aura & recharging your cellular body. Bring something comfortable to lie down with, pillow, blanket, eye mask, water, relax and surrender to A Crystal Sound Journey.

Rachel Laing is an intuitive sound healer and folk singer songwriter. She is a naturally gifted musician and has been touring Australia promoting her original music along with sharing her sound journeys with crystal singing bowls at festivals, events, gatherings, studios and residential. Rachel’s undeniable musical ability, perfected live over the past decade, lead to the effortless delivery of melodic and harmonic performances. Rachel lovingly creates a beautifully unique healing sound journey that changes depending on the energy of the room. Every performance is unique. Rachel has found her calling and is allowing energy to flow through her being to be transmuted through her voice in each and every session.

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