Rainbow Rob – How to Experience & Integrate Non-Dual (Unity) Consciousness through Entheogenic Medicines


Lifestyle Space: Light Temple

Workshop Type: Group Discussion, Lecture

Topic: How to Experience & Integrate Non-Dual (Unity) Consciousness through Entheogenic Medicines

Presenter: Rainbow Rob


Rob has spent many years learning the art of shamanism. He has spent time in the villages of the Indigenous Seri and Huni Kuin people studying with their shamans and learning their traditions and teachings. Spending years living, studying and training with teachers of the non-dual, spirituality and shamanic practices, he has a deep grasp on these topics.

He has studied many modalities and practices including Non-duality, Energetic Shamanic Healing and bodywork, Sound Healing, Breathwork, Reiki, Meditation, Vipassana, Tibetan Buddhism, Direct Inquiry, Yoga, Shaktipat Kundalini meditation, Embodied Dancing, Wicca, Paganism, Shamanism, Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan, Red Path, Vision Quest, Temazcal, Seri, Huni Kuin and Fulni-Ô traditions.

With his unique and broad range of experiences he has come to deep understandings of himself and the universe. His focus is now towards helping people integrate the non-dualistic wisdom to transition people to a unity state of consciousness.



My talk will be focusing on the non-dual state of conciousness we can encounter with entheogenic medicines. How to experience, recognise and integrate non-dual conciousness through the use of medicines and eventually how to stabilise into a persistent state without the need of those medicines. I will discuss the medicine community and where it is at with the non-dual, people that have already transitioned into this state and their wisdoms for us to follow the same path. I will be sharing techniques such as meditations and practices that can help us enter those states and sink into them once we are there. Finally, I will open up the discussion to anyone who has questions for us to delve deeper into this topic.
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