Ravit Gabai – Tapping into your Healer Within


Lifestyle Space: Light Temple

Workshop Type: Other

Topic: Tapping into your Healer Within

Presenter: Ravit Gabai

As a reiki master, meditation teacher and crystal and sound healer it’s my moto to support humanity in their journey to deepen the connection of each to the healer within, I believe we are all have the ability to join the physical body in his natural healing processes, but with knowledge and experience there is unique way for every individual to empowering this process,
And make it a matter of every day life.

Rebuilding the natural connective pathways of our being
Heart mind and body infused with nature gift to humans, crystals and the transfer of energy between our surroundings to our bodies
Learn to recognise the imbalance when happening, learn to choose the right tools to create harmony, whether by meditation, sound crystals and hands on healing
This workshop will empower people to find out their own unique ways of tapping into the healer within and working with this knowledge to enhance healing, reduce stress, be mindful and appreciate life and the living.

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