Rebecca Stark & Timothy Cant – Your Galactic Signature, from the Mayan Dreamspell


Lifestyle Space: Amphitheatre

Workshop Type: Group Discussion

Topic: Your Galactic Signature, from the Mayan Dreamspell

Presenter: Rebecca Stark & Timothy Cant


Rebecca has been studying and practising Mayan Dreamspell Philosophy for over a decade.
The knowledge changed her life, and showed her how to begin to find answers to the questions about her human journey.

Rebecca has presented workshops at many Australian festivals including all of the Esoterics, as well as private readings, workshops, expos and retreats both domestically and overseas.

In lak’ech “I am another yourself”


The Mayan Dreamspell is a system for decoding the galactic and auric energies, frequencies and synchronicities that together add up to the human experience in this lifetime.
Rebecca and Timothy will present an introduction to the codes, cycles, sigils of the Mayan Dreamspell.

You will learn the energies for each day of Esoteric 2024, you will learn your Galactic Signature, and how to use it to guide your journey.

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