Rhythm Unites – Drumming Workshops for Adults


Workshop Type: Music Workshop

Topic: Drumming Workshops for adults

Presenter: Rhythm Unites

Simone has been playing the djembe and learning the West African tradition from Senegal, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Guinea for 6 years. He has collaborated with some of the best African teachers to run many different classes and workshops. There is so much to know about drumming, it is not just rhythms. It’s grounding and connecting; it is fire, life and happiness.

Jessica May has had a love for music since she was in the womb with her mum recalling that her first kick was when the drums started up at a concert. Recently her passion for music has transcended into the development of rhythmic vibration journeys. Using drums as the medium Jessica assists people to tap into their own spark for life, relaxation and overall enjoyment for the moment. She is passionate about assisting people to enhance their own sense of inner peace, harmony and self-love by giving them an experience through music of how this feels first hand. “If you can embody Love, live Love and be Love, you will never be without”.

Rhythm Unites specialises in performances and drumming workshops for people of all ages, nationalities and abilities.

Rhythm Unites has been running drumming workshops for over two years at events such as; St Kilda Festival, Briars market, Green living Festival, Mt Duneed, Cheese and Wine Festival, AFL Unity cup and many more. We specialise in playing and educating others about the djembe. The performance or workshop is fun, engaging and inclusive. It is aimed at children and adults of all ages, abilities and nationalities. If you choose to have them at your event, the 10-15 minute workshops will include learning a traditional African rhythm, a chance to move their body and have a go at a solo! The workshops can be run over a few hours so that many participants can have a go and we can be positioned anywhere within the event where noise is not an issue. There are many benefits of drumming for the public; improves overall well-being, state of mind and attitude, releases negativity and most of all brings community together. People love getting involved and it brings a great vibe to any event.

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