Rochelle Willoughby – Intuitive, Reiki and sound healing.


Lifestyle Space: Zephyr Massage Space

Workshop Type: Massage Huts

Topic: Intuitive, Reiki and sound healing.

Presenter: Rochelle Willoughby

Holding 19 different bloodlines. Ceremonialist, Shamanic Nanny, medicine women.

Brief description of services.
Rochelle – intuitive medicine woman that uses elemental magic, light language, sound and Reiki when holding space for people to heal.

Rochelle is also a psychic medium that channels when in communication with your body.

Rochelle also works on an ancestral level using the support of your bloodline to alchemise and transcend any unwanted behaviour, beliefs, and programs back into love.

Previous Experience: I’ve worked at other festival as a healer, dragon dreaming, Orin yay, held for the past 2 years at esoteric doing ancestral activation workshops ( light ceremony) beyond the Valley healing Space, seven sisters festival.

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