Rodrigo Petrosky – Shamanic Healing & Psychedelic Assisted Therapy


Workshop Type: Healing Workshop

Topic: Shamanic Healing and Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

Presenter: Rodrigo Petrosky

Rodrigo Petrosky is a qualified counsellor, coach, inspirational speaker, author, psychotherapist and is specialized in Relationships, Breakup Recovery, Post Abortion Syndrome, Eating Disorders and Men’s Mental Health.

Rodrigo holds a Master in Counselling Degree, Post Grad Dip in Education, Post Grad Dip in Human Resources, Bachelor in Business and Bachelor in Psychology.

Rodrigo is proficient in several modalities and has experience in private practice, army counselling, AOD, corrections, disability, mental health, immigration, schools and university. Rodrigo has hosted a number of events, spoke at conferences and festivals. Rodrigo is founder of Impact Balance and Wellbeing and has introduced an innovative therapeutic cooking group. Rodrigo Petrosky has been involved in a lot of charity and nonprofit practice.

Rodrigo is originally from Brazil from a mix of Russian, Iberian and Romani background. Rodrigo lived in 7 different countries and speaks several languages. From early age Rodrigo was exposed to Gypsy healing, clairvoyance and shamanic medicine. Rodrigo combines spirituality with evidence-based approaches.

Experiencing life challenges has taken Rodrigo to a full journey of recovery and resilience. After a near death experience, Rodrigo has experience full spiritual awakening and has helped thousands of people. Rodrigo is author of Gypsy Cards: The Enchantment.

Shamanic Healing comes from different parts of Native People. The word shaman comes from Siberian tribes, Latin American shamans receive other names such as Taita, Curandero Maestro.

The workshop will talk about shamanic healing via plant medicine, such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Mushrooms, etc. Animal medicine such as Bufo and Kambo and practices involving fire, sound healing, drumming, energy Chanel.

Psychodelic Assisted Therapy will talk about the traditional use, the research conducted on the 60’s. Today’s studies and where it is heading.

It will talk about dealing with “bad trips”, harm minimization, preparatiion, safety,

Party as a therapy – the positives of communication and expression for healing.

At the end of the workshop a healing session will be provided for participants with breathwork, energy channeling and meditation.

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