Rosy Satanek – Surfing the 24 Hour Qi Cycle


Lifestyle Space: Amphitheatre

Workshop Type: Lecture

Topic: Surfing the 24 Hour Qi Cycle

Presenter: Rosy Satanek

Rosy is a shiatsu therapist, yogi, martial artist and mother, and she’s here as your seasoned guide in activating & fine tuning the sophisticated self healing capability that each of us are born with.

Did you know that every 24 hours, a wave of Qi moves through you, activating different aspects of your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies? In her infinite wisdom, nature created in you an elegant system that enables you to work hard, rest deeply, play, pray, and strive for your dreams, all the while building life force and balance. Traditional Chinese Medicine saw and understood this incredible system back in ye olde times, and now this long standing wisdom has been adapted for modern life.

In this interactive workshop you’ll learn how to surf this wave of Cosmic Qi as it moves through your body, activating certain organs at certain times of day. We will explore the concept of yin and yang, the 5 TCM elements, the 24 hour qi cycle and how all of this relates to when you should schedule a difficult meeting, a sexy date, a music jam or finish off your tax return.

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