Sacha. and Noizy Nige – Awaken Your Freestyle


Lifestyle Space: Hammock Fractal

Workshop Type: Music Workshop

Topic: Awaken Your Freestyle

Presenter: Sacha. and Noizy Nige

“Just be.”
Drawing on a wealth of lived experience, SACHA., shares his wisdom through his lyrics. Born in Malaysia, and growing up between Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Australia, his music is a reflection of the cultures he’s been a part of. Currently, his sound consists of smooth, soulful beats combined with complex, often hard hitting flows and melodies, though he is careful not to restrict himself to just one style of music. His sound is a fusion, combining the best elements of both new and old school Alt Hip-Hop and Alt R&B, with elements of Pop and Neosoul to be found as well. SACHA. firmly believes that music has the power to uplift humanity, and is on a mission to prove it. His unique background shines through in his art, which always carries a distinct message:


Learn to Freestyle rap and sing (or Awaken your Freestyle) is a workshop focused on teaching people the fundamentals of Freestyle rapping and singing in a safe and supportive space. It’s centered on the premise that Freestyling is not some unattainable gift, but rather a skill or
muscle like any other that can be trained and improved with time, dedication, and belief.

The workshop is split into 5 primary sections:

1. Introduction
2. Rap circle (Cypher)
3. Brief discussion
4. Song circle
5. Love battle

In the introduction, I give an acknowledgement of country before introducing the topic of Freestyling, some background about the phenomenon, and get a show of hands as to the level of freestyling experience in the room. Then, I open with a brief Freestyle of my own guided by Noizy Nige on the Djembe to give people an idea of what we mean by Freestyling.
In the Cypher or Rap circle section, we then go around the circle one by one and spit 8 bars each of Freestyle rap to the Djembe rhythm. Emphasis is placed non judgement throughout the process, of others and self. Its likely that your first ever Freestyle may be hilariously good or bad and that is both accepted and welcome.

After everyone in the circle has had a turn, the energy is usually very relaxed and jubilant as people realise its not as hard as they thought, and they may have even surprised themselves with the quality of what they just spat. A general open forum is then briefly held, where both myself and the attendees discuss any questions or observations about the Cypher that just happened

We then move into the song circle section. This is the same as the cypher, only now we go around the circle and Freestyle sing instead of rap for roughly 8 bars each. Some people are more averse to this section for obvious reasons, but everyone is encouraged to have a go. At any time however, during either the rap or song circle, anyone can skip their turn if they don’t feel comfortable.

Finally we reach the best and final section: the Love battle. Now that everyone is more comfortable with Freestyling, we go around the circle one by one and turn to the person to our right, whom we may or may not have known before coming to this workshop, and either rap or sing what you like or love about this person, whilst looking at them. This challenges the traditional narrative of rap battles about breaking eachother down, as this is about building eachother up. This love is then passed around the circle before it reaches all the way back to the start. During this section, those who are waiting for their turn are encouraged to add any of their own vocal percussion or harmonising that they can think of, to raise the circle into one collective jam. After this our hours time is usually concluded and any additional questions are answered before saying farewell.

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