Sally Grant – Conscious Connected Breath


Workshop Type: Music Workshop

Topic: Conscious Connected Breath

Presenter: Sally Grant

You will learn what breathwork is, it’s benefits, what to do and expect during the session and a little about the integration afterwards. I will then be guiding you through an active meditation technique using a circular connected pattern of breathing for around an hour before welcomed open conversation for those wanting to share.

This breathwork is a powerful experimental experience. A process that allows for deep self-exploration, transformation and healing at all levels of self. Conscious connected breath can change our emotional default settings, lifetime patterns of disconnect, anxiety and stress. Most of us carry deep in our cells outdated beliefs, past traumas and fears regarding ourselves and the world around us. Conscious breathing is a simple tool that supports us in resetting those beliefs, releasing the energy of past trauma, detoxing the body emotionally and physically of their negativity. This self-healing practice is an efficient and effective way for the body and the mind to clearly communicate without our egos mental chatter and the wisdom to be found in this space is remarkable.

I’m pumped about meeting you all and I can’t wait to share this experience with you. See you then.

Hi, my name is Sally.
I took my first conscious breath in 2014. In one unbelievable hour, my life took an unexpected turn never to be the same. Since that day I’ve spent healing years studying and practising all modalities of breathwork. Now I gratefully share and teach others what I’ve learned about this remarkable gift mother nature blessed us with and it’s endless potential.

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