Sam Berry – From Self Judgment to Self Love


Lifestyle Space: Amphitheatre

Workshop Type: Lecture

Topic: From Self Judgment to Self Love

Presenter: Sam Berry

My names Sam Berry, I’m a Self Development coach who helps people out of the stress and self judgment, and into the joy of living. What if something else truly was possible in creating a phenomenal life? My interesting point of view is that the purpose of life is to have fun. I desire to get people empowered to know what they know so that they can bring what they know here to earth in order to help create a thriving, sustainable planet. Self expression and self embodiment are what I inspire others to.

What would it be like if your first thoughts in the morning were about how much you loved you, your body and your life, not what’s wrong with it all?
This workshop is to give you practical everyday tools to get you out of the constant self judgment and into self love and the joy of having a body. New ways of thinking, and new ways of being. Are you ready?

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