Sarah Moulton – Badass Bellydance


Lifestyle Space: Circue Fantasia

Workshop Type: Dance Workshop

Topic: Badass Bellydance

Presenter: Sarah Moulton

Sarah is a dedicated lifelong dancer who trained intensively in Classical Ballet and Contemporary dance before she found her love in Fusion Bellydance, inspired by the dances from the MENAHT region, Central Asia as well as being influenced by western dances such as hip hop, flamenco & contemporary dance.
Over the last 8 years of devoted practice, she has found Fusion Bellydance has naturally become the platform for her soul and artistic expression, allowing her to explore emotions and archetypes within herself.
She has taught workshops and intensives in New Caledonia & various Bellydance Festivals around Australia. Sarah is passionate about sharing her love for Fusion through her performances and classes and is the director of ALYASATI Fusion Bellydance school in Brunswick (and online) where she teaches beginner & inter/adv Fusion Belly Dance.
Sarah regularly performs in the Melbourne Bellydance Community, at live music events & transformational festivals around Australia and Internationally.


Unleash Your Fierce Side through the power of Fusion Bellydance, where traditional techniques meet contemporary sass. This workshop will empower you to express yourself through badass bellydance moves, empower you to embrace your sensual side, and show you how to express yourself on the dance floor with playfulness and confidence.

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