Serena Rose – Sound Exploration Meditation


Lifestyle Space: Hammock Temple

Workshop Type: Healing Workshop

Topic: Sound Exploration Meditation

Presenter: Serena Rose

Serena Rose is an experienced musician, composer and sound engineer who has dived deep into the depths of the power of sound on the mind in body. She has also tapped into the parallels of sound and nature through her explorations and intuitive understandings. Through her own healing experiences, sound and music has always been a strong ally for her. Her original music is recognised as soothing and ethereal and she is now extending her essence into an interactive meditation experience. One of her most recent projects sees her creating a sound scape of engulfing sound arrangement to guide meditations, connecting and creating an awareness and understanding between people and sound.

Serena Rose holds a guided meditation in exploration of sound and music, intertwining with the human body and consciousness. She pairs her ambient sound arrangements with an angelic spoken meditation to aid in connecting you to the spirit and power of sound. A connection in which can pave means of healing, relaxation and conscious development.

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