Shantaram – Electronic Music And DJ Culture


Lifestyle Space: Amphitheatre

Workshop Type: Group Discussion, Lecture

Topic: Electronic Music And DJ Culture

Presenter: Shantaram


The talk is hosted by DJ/producer and event organizer Shantaram, aka Nawaf Alalawi. With over 17 years of DJing under his belt, Shantaram has progressed through many aliases and genres, often with a strong focus on understanding the equipment as well as the processes behind the music that he plays.

Nawaf is passionate about the history of Rave culture and electronic Music, and an admirer of the digital and analog equipment that helped birth the music heard at festivals.


Electronic Music and Dance music culture are intertwined and have been a force to be reckoned with. As a movement, this culture which encompasses so many genres draws its roots from Dub, hip hop, the art of djing, sampling, and synthesizers. This talk specifically aims to look at the evolution of this culture through the lens of Dub music and Hip Hop.

These 2 genres have influenced so much of the subcultures that we now subscribe to. From DnB to Dub Techno, we can find many of the music production techniques that have impacted the landscape of modern electronic music. This workshop pays homage to the culture that is electronic music and praises the genres that made it with a strong focus on the historical aspects.

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