Sharon Jackson & Trent Heffer – Your Creature Teachers


Lifestyle Space: Hammock Temple

Workshop Type: Healing Workshop

Topic: Your Creature Teachers

Presenter: Sharon Jackson & Trent Heffer


Avid lovers of life and passionate about helping to ignite and lift others, Sharon and Trent are natural seers, space holders and teachers. Calling upon Animal Dreaming wisdom, energetic healing, shamanic practices and intuitive guidance, together they create a dynamic team to help you find your own answers and insight into how your creature teachers can be called upon and honoured for their magic, medicine and guidance,


Together we will co-create a sacred space incorporating animal totems, intuitive readings and inner journey work. This is an opportunity to delve into your creature teachers – their strengths, qualities and vulnerabilities, how they reflect in your lives and how you can call on those medicines and messages for healing, clarity and guidance.


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