Shimona Fraid from Hadassah Community – Awaken: Gain Crystal Clear Clarity on your Life’s Mission


Lifestyle Space: Light Temple

Workshop Type: Other

Topic: Awaken: Gain Crystal Clear Clarity on your Life's Mission

Presenter: Shimona Fraid from Hadassah Community

Hadassah is a transformational community focused on bringing people together and supporting their healing at the deepest level. Shim and Ruby are trained coaches, yoga teachers, event managers and more. They have worked at countless large scale events, including Esoteric 2019, Elysium festival, Wild Horses, World Vegan Day, Beyond the Valley and more.
They’ bring an energy of humanness back to life, evoking peoples truth and essence forward with deep vulnerable practices that illuminate what is hiding and help you heal from this place. With plenty of experience as facilitators they have had incredible results helping others feel safe is creating deeper connections with themselves and the people around them. Expect profound emotional journey mixed with wild uplifting and inspiring effects.

The Awaken workshop is a multifaceted transformational experience that guides you deeper into the wisdom of you truest nature and soul’s mission. Through various key somatic practices, discussion and sharing with your peers, we begin to unfold what lies deep in your heart that you want and what obstacles lie in the way. We pierce the veil of uncertainty and reveal what is truly waiting for you, a mission, a journey that you always knew you had, always knew you wanted.
Have you always felt destined for more? Join Shimona from HADASSAH Community on a journey of awakening to this destiny at Esoteric Festival!

We will provide our own Yoga mats, Pens and Journalling paper.

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