Tali Belle – Embodied Movement for Emotional Alchemy


Lifestyle Space: Hammock Temple

Workshop Type: Healing Workshop

Topic: Embodied Movement for Emotional Alchemy

Presenter: Tali Belle


Tali Belle is a devoted Somatic Psychic, Healer, Initiatrix, and Kundalini Energy Activation Facilitator in training.

With a deep devotion to guiding & initiating others, she channels wisdom from her highest self and Source to release and re-code the soul and soma. The work that Tali does is centred around the deep awakening of human consciousness; catapulting the collective into the seat of their soul where true liberation, reclamation, and activation can take place.


At the heart of my work is the understanding and belief that the body holds profound wisdom and healing potential when we allow ourselves to open into it and truly listen. Every single emotion, trauma, story, and experience (across all non-linear timelines) is stored within the intelligence of the body. Meaning that intellectually we may perceive to have moved through and healed from/unblocked something; however, our body can tell us a very different story. The body keeps score.

Through embodied movement, we can become true alchemists; as we turn our pain into pleasure…our fear into trust…our grief into gratitude. Join me in this workshop as we drop into our body & spirit as we experience true emotional alchemy; exploring our own inner emotional landscape on a deeply somatic journey.


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