Tegane Ellena – The Powerhouse Workshop Series Presents Release your Inner Bully


Lifestyle Space: Amphitheatre

Workshop Type: Group Discussion

Topic: The Powerhouse Workshop Series Presents Release your Inner Bully

Presenter: Tegane Ellena

Tegane Ellena is a international Body Positivity Model, mentor and performer who has training and experience in the Mental Health sector. Tegane Ellena has travelled across the world researching and gathering resources to bring forward a powerful fight against the social media bullies and the beauty industry. Tegane brings to you an empowerment powerhouse session focusing on mental health, self determination and body confidence through her training and experience in mindfulness strategies that will leave you feeling uplifted and recharged. Tegane brings to you an evolution of releasing and letting go and learning to love your bully and learn to take back your power


The Powerhouse Workshop series is back for the second year at Esoteric to deliver you by popular demand the evolution of the inner bully. This workshop will focus on a series of mindfulness strategies to build your body confidence and release your inner bully. The workshop will work through a body scan meditation, empowering visionary movement technique to release and let go of limiting beliefs of self sabotage, a restoring and empowering body belief practise, posture and posing and other mindfulness practises to evolve the next layer of letting go of your bully.

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