Dj Lickweed & Guests – The Art of DJing


Workshop Type: Group Discussion, Music Workshop

Topic: The Art of DJing

Presenter: Dj Lickweed & Guests

Lickweed’s passion for the art of DJing & Turntabilisim is the main thing behind his success, this combined with hard work and love for the music and the underground scene have made him one of the finest DJs in the country.

Lickweed has performed around the world including a month long north American tour and appearances in major festivals such as Motion Notion (Canada), Boomtown Fair (UK), Leopalooza (UK) Splendour in The Grass (NSW) Rainbow Serpent (VIC), Earth Freqeuncy (QLD) and many more as well as supporting numerous artists such as Andy C, Stanton Warriors, Opiuo, A Skillz, Krafty Kuts, DJ Marky, DJ Craze, Excision, Camo & Krooked, Noisia, Koan Sound, Black Sun Empire, Stickybuds, JFB and many more.

In this workshop Lickweed aims to teach people a little bit about the history of DJing, what DJs actually do, the different types of DJs and situations that DJs perform in, how to use DJ equipment as a musical instrument and ultimately show people that DJing can be a very fun and creative performance.

The workshop will begin by introducing the host & guests and explaining about their background and experience as DJs.
We will than discuss how the crowd interacts with DJs, what and who stands out to them and why…

Than we will explain the different tools DJs have on modern DJ equipment, we will go over how they work and also discuss and demonstrate some examples of how they can be used in a different and creative way to enhance your performance.

Lastly we will discuss the different types of DJs and situations that DJ perform in such as playing in festivals and clubs, performing with a live artist or band, the Producer DJ and also battle DJs.

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