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Lifestyle Space: Light Temple

Workshop Type: Other

Topic: The Human Forest

Presenter: The Human Forest Project

As a truth seeker, dancer, rebel and purveyor of pleasure Shlomit developed a deep connection to her rich internal world from an early age. For the past 8 years, somatic practices inducing flow states and travel to 49 countries has been Shlomit’s strongest medicine and companion in cultivating internal safety, self love and trust.
Open hearted, open minded, Shlomit brings an embodied sensual playfulness that gives others permission to soften and let their full expression be welcomed and seen.
Shlomit is passionate about curating spaces where people can access their inner world, safely explore their edges and honour their boundaries as a means of deepening self trust and internal safety, expanding their capacity to receive the fullness of love that is their natural state of being.

Shlomit is currently completing her admission to practice at the Victorian courts in pursuit of her Dharma, bringing more equality, freedom and love to the world. Committing to human forest as a regular practice for the past year has been a spiritual act of liberation for self and humanity.

Ali With touch being her primary love language, Alicia (Ali) has been a long standing ‘Tree’ of the Human Forest events in Melbourne and experienced her first Human Forest at Burning man in 2017. Today, she is a facilitator of the Human Forest Experience, trained by the Human Forest Project. As a somatic trauma therapist, her innate wisdom, intuition and sensitivity are her guiding light. These gifts of awareness have been further refined through a dedicated spiritual practice of more than 10 years which included 5 years spent teaching yoga, and meditation, coordinating silent meditation retreats and various workshops at a well-respected yoga school in Oaxaca, Mexico. Called to help and support others, Alicia has worked professionally in mental health with people from all walks of life. Academically, Ali has completed a Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology, Bachelor of Science Psychology/ Psychophysiology, Diploma of Mindfulness Therapy, and Triple Vagal Method practitioner certification. With all this experience, Ali holds loving, compassionate, and non-judgmental spaces and has a profound love for nature that she can’t wait to share with you.

Matthew has had an interest in self and relational exploration for as long as he can remember. Curious about how play can be harnessed to find more integrity he has used the experiences of overcoming his struggles as fuel to be in service to others. In the mid 2010s he became a certified massage therapist and yoga teacher. Over the past few years he has deepened and embodied a more expressive relationship with himself and others through exploring workshops and trainings such as Ecstatic Dance, Authentic Relating, ISTA, Breathwork, Process work and of course, The Human Forest. His first Human Forest left him feeling a deep connection to others and confidence and safety in his own body. Through the Human Forest and Authentic Relating communities, he found a home and experienced a feeling of belonging for the first time in his life. His struggle with social anxiety has been deeply supported by Authentic Relating and The Human Forest more than he ever could have imagined. The Human Forest itself helped him connect to a sense of inner worthiness and understand the profound gifts of intentional, attuned touch. Matthew values creating and holding spaces that are kind, clear, expressive, and exploratory. He brings his own unique flavour of play and exploration to his facilitation of circles, Authentic Relating trainings and now Human Forests. He loves holding spaces where people feel safe enough to show up as the beautifully messy humans that we all are. He believes strongly in meeting everyone at their level and that finding coherence as a group involves everyone’s input.

How long has it been? ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How long has it been since you were touched in the way that YOU would love to be touched.
Have you struggled with knowing how to ask for what you need or found difficulty in giving touch to someone in the way they would love to receive it?
How many times have you wanted to receive touch but been worried that someone might see it as an invitation towards s3xual intimacy? You just want loving, present touch without any expectations. We get it.
If you’ve been craving intimacy
If you’ve been longing to be held
If touch is your love language- or not, and the idea of this makes you feel mildly uncomfortable.
Branch out and join our eco-system of devotional loving touch.
The trees are the recipients of this touch and the critters are the givers of touch, Everyone will have the opportunity to explore both roles.
In the forest we create a container of safety, where boundaries and thoroughly expressed and signals are agreed on to facilitate a safe ecosystem. We pride ourselves on holding safe, healing containers where participants have a truly powerful experience of intimacy that leaves them feeling open, cared for, loved and more deeply connected to themselves and the earth.

Once the workshop begins this would be a closed container so that all participants have a shared understanding and language to communicate personal boundaries.

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