The Magic Garden – Ecstatic Dance


Lifestyle Space: Circue Fantasia

Workshop Type: Dance Workshop

Topic: Ecstatic Dance

Presenter: The Magic Garden

The Magic Garden Festival has born and blossomed in 2022 through the collaboration between Italian/Argentinian Kundalini Project and Italian/Eritrean Dj Julie Jones with the mission to celebrate, the very essence of community empowerment through the harmonious interplay of conscious dance and transcendent sound journeys. Collaborating with the leading acts and facilitators in Melbourne of conscious dance and sound journey.
The Magic Garden has firmly established itself in the realm of high-end conscious event creation through its collaborations with Christian Di Marco & Cymatic Harmony, bringing to life unforgettable experiences attracting hundreds of people such as Secret Garden and Sound Safari.We ignite the flames of personal growth through workshops that activates collective healing and spiritual awakening. We believe in the power of unity, collaboration, and shared experiences, and it is within this vibrant tapestry of collective consciousness that our magic truly takes root.

Opening: The workshop begins with a grounding and intention-setting ceremony led by Kundalini Project. Participants will come together, connecting with the collective energy.
Conscious Dance: Julie Jones takes the stage for an 1.5 hour conscious dance set. Her performance will invite the participants to dive deep into the language of movement, connecting with themselves and the energy of the group. Kundalini Project will guide the participants throughout the dance, encouraged to move freely, allowing the body to express itself.
Live Acts Integration: Kamilindo and Christian Dimarco will join Julie Jones, adding live musical layers to the dance experience. This integration promises to elevate the energy on the dance floor.
Closing Circle and Integration: The workshop concludes with a closing circle, allowing participants to share their experiences, insights, and feelings. This collective reflection provides a sense of closure and unity, reinforcing the bonds created during the workshop.
Explore the power of movement as a form of self-expression and self-discovery.
Connect with the body, emotions and the collective energy of the group.
Experience the transformative effects of conscious dance.
Discover unity through movement and music.
Elevate consciousness and presence in the moment.

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