Tom Stokes – Partner Dragonstaff Skillshare (All Levels)


Lifestyle Space: Circue Fantasia

Workshop Type: Flow Workshop

Topic: Partner Dragonstaff Skillshare (All Levels)

Presenter: Tom Stokes


Hailing from the far off lands of New South Wales, Tom has been crushing the Dragon Staff scene with his smooth techy flow. Tom’s dragonstaff doctrine is derived from encompassing natural movement and dance into his everyday practice whilst also locking down some sharp tech moves to please the crowd. Learning from the great teachers Mickey Khoury, Mr Jedly, and Brettstar Galactica, Tom has honed his dragon skills and wants to pass them on to the next generation of spinners.


This workshop will focus on free flow and connection with others through the art of Partner Dragon Staff, no previous Dragon Staff knowledge is required.
Bring a friend!
Meet a friend!
Find a soulmate?
or just come to learn a new skill and have some fun, this will be a very playful and fun workshop and is a great place to start out on your flow journey or learn some new skills.

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