Eva Michelle – Overtone Sound Bath


Workshop Type: Healing Workshop

Topic: Overtone Sound Bath

Presenter: Eva Michelle

Overtone vocals sound bath. Using her RC300 loop machine, Eva layers round after round of continuous vocals peppered with overtones and resonant percussion. The rhythmic flow of these cycles gather momentum and hypnotise listeners into deep relaxation, creating naturally heightened states of conscious awareness.

Eva Michelle is a yoga, vocal toning and breath work instructor, sound healer and overtone singer. Primarily interested in cultivating flow state through various techniques, Eva utilises these modalities as portals for accessing altered states of consciousness and heightened awareness; enhancing mind body connection, and creating a natural sense of euphoria.

Eva runs regular vocal sound baths, yoga classes and overtone singing training in Melbourne, and has offered these workshops at Rainbow Serpent Festival, Esoteric, Burning Seed and Seven Sisters Festival.

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