Vėę Göke – The Flow of the Natural Voice


Workshop Type: Music Workshop

Topic: The Flow of the Natural Voice

Presenter: Vėę Göke

In everyday life people quickly lose the connection to their nature. That concerns especially the breathing rhythm and the muscles involved. You can find this rhythm everywhere in nature. The waves of the ocean or the trees moving in the wind. Everything moves from one pole to the other.

This is what I am doing with my work; I bring people back to their nature, natural breathing and to experience the boundaries of their body.

The focus of my work is to get a spiritual and physical regeneration through the voice involving different breathing techniques. When people leave the sessions they feel awake and aware in the very moment with all their senses and this comes through the rhythm of the frequencies of the voice.
When you get back to the nature inside yourself, you can connect with that of others, the world and the whole universe. This is the dance between yourself and the outside world.

Hello beloved unknown and known friends,

After I, Vėę Göke, have finished my degree as a breath, speech and voice therapist & teacher in Germany I traveled with friends from festival to festival in Europe to guide workshops and give healing sessions under the name “S.T.A.R.K. – the Power of Breathing”, where the participants have found back to their inner nature through breathing and voice exercises. Additionally I became a Reiki practitioner and continued my holistic work in New Zealand, as well as in India, Nepal and now in Australia. My whole life I was guided by music. Searching for myself in it I realised that music can be like a massive trip where you give over your body to the concessines and let yourself be used as a medium to channel whatever energy has to be released. To feel and vocalize this unattached power of the respiration let me realize again how healing vibrations of sounds are. This is my inspiration as a healer, to show as many seekers a way to experience a part in themselves which needs to be set free and a new space created for growth.


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