Wild Javi – Latin Moves Reloaded


Lifestyle Space: Circue Fantasia

Workshop Type: Dance Workshop

Topic: Latin Moves Reloaded

Presenter: Wild Javi


After years of dancing our latin music in Chile and competing in the national championship of hip hop, I came to Australia and continued developing other movement disciplines like fire spinning and silk fans dancing, and of course, I started to share my passion for Latin music by teaching Latin rhythms in several festivals around Australia.


Latin Moves Reloaded is the next version of Latin Moves, which apart from teaching the basic steps of salsa, and reggaeton, it will also have Brazilian rhythms like Axe and Funk, including a bit of twerk of course! But this journey is not just about dancing, it is also an opportunity to connect with a dancing partner and trust one another while working on movement coordination. From basic dancing steps to consent and conscious partner dancing speeches, this workshop is a beautiful taste of Latin America and a full on trip to explore our moves, flow through different rhythms and connect with our sensuality. Designed for beginners.

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