Wild Javi – Let’s Talk About Polyamory


Lifestyle Space: Amphitheatre

Workshop Type: Group Discussion

Topic: Let's Talk About Polyamory

Presenter: Wild Javi

Hello! I’m Javiera, and I am a polyamorous person. For years I experienced discomfort towards the fact that I had feelings for two or more people at the same time. But this was just because of the conservative society I was living in, which made me feel constantly judged. After moving out from my home country, Chile, into Australia, and experiencing life surrounded with a way more open mind circle around me, I decided to finally “come out” not just with my non monogamous way of relationships, but I also found the courage to come out with my bisexuality, and it’s been an amazing journey.

I’ve been exploring other ways of relationships since then, and I realised that polyamory, as a form of non monogamy, is a way that represents me way more. After reading several books, exploring this field myself and sharing thoughts with like minded and not like minded people about this subject, I realised that is necessary to talk way more about other ways of relationships, and to share many concepts that are still unknown by many people that are curious about exploring these alternative ways, or just to learn more about non monogamous relationships.

The idea of the workshop is to generate a dialogue about non monogamy and polyamory between people and to have an exchange about personal experiences and desires of exploring new forms of relationships with our lover or lovers. The first part of the workshop will consist of presenting the main concepts of monogamy and non monogamy, the types of non monogamous relationships and other important relationship concepts within these.

After this the idea is to share a bit of my personal experience as a polyamorous person, do a round of questions and start exchanging experiences, doubts or anything that comes out from the audience. I will support the information with some great books about this subject and give different sources of information to find support in the polyamorous community.

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