Harry Blotter


Stage: Ascension

HARRY BLOTTER – Ascension Through Music !!

Becoming an active participant of Melbourne’s booming underground Music scene in 1999. His appreciation for electronic music started to rapidly grow. In mid 2002 the chance to buy a mate’s old turntables marked the year when a hobby and pass time, turned into the ongoing pursuit of perfection within his own abilities.

Refusing to buy into the majority’s genre based approach to djing and collecting music. Instead using nomadic uninfluenced methods to try and find the sounds he was after. After year’s of trawling Melbourne’s many great record stores a collection of 2000 + Vinyl was built that couldn’t be classified in any conventional sense.

Although not as much of the of the vinyl leaves the house these day’s, his approach remained the same entering the digital era. Today 3 Cdj 2000’s, Pioneer Rmx-1000 & Djm 800 are his weapons of choice, regardless of the occasion constantly aiming for technical perfection on a world class level. Always opting to present the more obscure forwards thinking artists as opposed to the tried and tested hero’s we heard all to often.

Deep in his 12th year performing in Melbourne, the passion for all things musical burns brighter than ever. Soon to clock up 50000 plays across almost 100 mixes and live recordings, his Soundcloud page is a one stop shop for Inspiration. Always providing full track lists and continuing to push a constant stream of new intelligent productions to any that cross his path. Thriving on versatility across multiple styles while keeping a full calender in Melbourne and along Australia’s east coast.

All recordings are uploaded as they come out of mixer. There are NO repeated attempts, NO post mix mastering, editing, alterations or corrections EVER!

2012 saw him perform on the mighty Sun stage at Eclipse Festival in Cairns, 2014 gracing the Lake stage at Maitraya. While continuing to support many of Melbourne’s finest electronic crews across the Techno and Psychedelic spectrum on a weekly basis. Most Regularly for Tekno Mulisha, Drumatix, Unstable & City of Gold.

Early 2014 saw him take over the daily operations of Melbourne Psy Trance label Highly Evolved Music. May 13th saw there 19th release hit the streets . A 10 track compilation titled Tokyo Connections. With the upcoming schedule well stocked with local talent keep an eye out over the next 6 months. Personally any spare time see’s Harry continue to sharpen his own production skills, hoping to soon share some of his Techno and Psychedelic creations.

“Smile and the World Smiles Back”
Cheers Harry.

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