Stage: Snakepit

Sometimes when I think I can’t sleep, i actually am part-way asleep. Or at least, not completely awake. For hours I’d been lying on the my bed trying to unpick the knotted tangle of events and fragments in my mind, I’d have said I was one hundred per cent all-the-way awake with no chance of sleeping, But now, standing in the corridor outside, I felt light, half-focused, unsteady on my feet. The things I’d been thinking back on the bed, those intricate thought traints I’d been putting together now seemed to be all flickering lights and groundless leaps of logic – ideas warped and twisted by the un-sense that lives at the edge of sleep……

Extract from The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall

Hypnagog is a new musical project from Felix Greenlees aka Terrafractyl and Mental Extensions.

After years of writing Psychedelic dance music and experimenting with plenty of other sonic forms, Felix has recently been listening to a lot more downtempo psychedelic breaks, IDM and the like, and felt it was time to combine these styles with his own to create some kind of hybrid, beat driven, yet melodic sound. As the project has progressed, Felix has also been experimenting with a kind of jazzy progressive trance and has been working to combine these 2 styles into what could maybe be described as Psychedelic ProgStep. As always, his music is hard to describe and difficult to put into boxes and has been surprising and exhilarating audiences around the world for the past couple of years. He has released two EP’s on UP records , ‘Dreaming in Pieces’ (2009) and ‘Gyroscopic Bebop'(2010) , and another EP in 2012, ‘Infinite Vibrations’ on Adapted records. Finally though in may of 2014 he released the long awaited first Hypnagog full length album ‘Thematic Mathematics’ on his own label Kinematic Records…

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