Stage: Ascension

Two staples of the Australian doof community, Megumi & Patty come to the DJ table with numerous seasons of involvement, both in front & behind the speaker stack.

Throwing down tunes together now for many moons, while also having collaborated together on events & tours across Melbourne and beyond. The two also share over 10 years of friendship.

Both equally excited to bring a special versus to the Ascension stage at this years edition of Esoteric.

Megapixel (aka Megumi Fletcher) is Melbourne based DJ and DJ representative for Japanese label Grasshopper Records. Her psytrance journey began in Perth where she was first introduced to outdoor parties and it was love at first sight, She immediately fell in love with the music and culture. She has always had a strong connection to music all her life ranging from piano, flute to guitar so it was only natural for her to take the next step and explore the realms of electronic dance music. She made her DJ debut in 2008 and also went into holding outdoor parties of her own and after a couple of years of developing her sound and skills in 2011 she decided to move to Melbourne and give the scene a whirl.

In a short amount of time Megumi has established herself as a solid edition to any psychedelic line up, whether playing on a dusty bush dance floor or at a sweaty local nightclub. Preferring to keep her sets versatile she can be heard laying down funky and fun sets for the daytime, or a more serious, twisted and solid sound for the night time setting. With her passion and skill for DJing, Megapixel continues to grow and you can expect her floor shaking sets to take you on an enchanting psychedelic journey every time.

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