Miss Jade


Stage: Sun Temple

It is fair to say that Miss Jade of Melbourne brings in the boss mode for all things psy-trance. With her phenomenal aura lashing out energy across the scene from the industry’s renowned festivals to the intimate shows that carry her name in lights, Jade nails the vibes and keeps her progressive genre in the furiously at its core.

With cascading blonde and red hair fused with tattoos that ravage any body art enthusiasts’ dreams, Miss Jade brings together a solid bridge of music and vitality, with her fans knowing exactly her spot on the ladder. Never conforming to the standard DJ stance, it’s this woman that keeps the music on high alert with the inaugural cherry on top.

Sneaking in the techno and minimal sounds every so often, her console is lit up with avid inspiration from the likes of Major 7, Vini Vici and Capital Monkey to name a few. From Australia’s largest pioneering festivals over the years- Future Music Festival and Earthcore to the hidden treasures of the underground scene such as Terraform and Ananda, Miss Jade is upfront delivering nothing but her truest form at every show, supporting local acts from Surge to Purple Haze to international groundbreakers in her genre’s being Astrix, Bliss, Berg, Psysex, Ruback, Alex Stein, D-Nox, Mark Dekoda and 5am.

After delivering her first label release in 2015 for the Earthcore compilation CD she continues to hold true to her ways 5 years strong. The feels are always enlightened and the music is nothing short of intensifying to every person stepping out onto the dance floor before her.
Miss jade’s studio isn’t one to be shunned, taking an absolute killer array of music from those four walls to the clubs. With an anticipated splurge of music to come, it is with no doubt the deliverance from the psy-trance Queen is going to be ruthless.

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