Stage: Bush Techno

If you have attended a Melbourne underground music event over the past eight years, one that overflowed with good vibes and authentic forward thinking music, chances are you’ve come across Michael Muska.

Drum and bass acted as the gateway genre to Michael quickly becoming a vinyl junkie in his late teens. His musical palate expanded to encompass breaks, glitch, house, techno and all of the sub-genres between.

Dynamic sets and an inherent compulsion to rebel against the musical norm landed Muska residencies at Brown Alley, the Lounge, Likes Of You, Circus, Whomp, the original Two Floors Up and early Revolver days as well at cureent repeat main stage performances at premier Australian festivals Strawberry Fields, Let Them Eat Cake, Subsonic Music, Rabbits Eat Lettuce, Wide Open Spaces and the infamous Rainbow Serpent Festival.

Muska’s tenacious attitude and knack for connecting the right people naturally lead to event promotion, hosting over 350 successful Melbourne events and culminating in his party magnum opus as the co founder of, Let Them Eat Cake Festival (NYD)

Being surrounded by Australia’s electronic talent proved a positive influence for Michael, who managed to devote creative energy into music production, slowly but surely building a catalog of music that he is proud of. With tracks out on Addictech Records as well as upcoming releases on Vapour and LoFi-45, Muska is studio focused more than ever before. The 2016 summer festival circuit will hear a collection of new, unreleased tracks being described as the ozzie sub genre bushtechno, a sound inspired by the Australian bushdoof that Muska continuously sits at the forefront and raises the bar as a dj and Producer of this sound.

As one of the scenes true visionaries Muska always strives to help others and push everything that he is passionate about within the entire spectrum of our community. Being one of the industries most influential yet humble players, Muska has contributed ideas, managed concepts and made pipe-dreams a reality for many events, venues and artists, selflessly lending to their successes shaping the evolution of Victorian art and events.

It becomes hard to list the vast amount of achievements Muska has accomplished over his near decade of devotion to the local scene, be it from supporting countless international techno acts to festival founder, his tireless devotion and dedication to Australian dance culture over the last decade has seen him achieve unparalleled admiration and standing amongst his peers and the greater dance community.

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