Stage: Ascension

Scionaugh – //Psy-oh-nor// : “To Know Nothing”

Combining influences from techno, psytrance and bass music, Scionaugh curiously creates a unique and engaging experience. Progressing from deep and grooving to light and bouncy, Scionaugh’s organic sound is everpresent, conjuring funkadelic creatures to tell his story in a rich and detailed soundscape.

Scionaugh is the combination of two words. The first is the Latin word “scio” : to know. The second is the English word “naught”: nothing. This term was coined as a way to describe the feeling of ignorance that comes from the acquisition of knowledge and understanding. The realisation that how ever much you may know, there is always more to learn. This is the inspiration for this musical project. Exploring this concept through sound, the project Scionaugh aims to continue to push and challenge the capabilities and expectations of music by embracing ignorance as a basis for further growth. With a curious mindset, Scionaugh aims to create an engaging and interesting experience for the listener in hopes that it may inspire them to continue their own personal discovery.

Releases on:
Universal Tribe Records AUS
Technophobia Records ISR
Padang Records BRA

Based in Melbourne

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