Bush Techno

Bush Techno

Welcome to Delirios, the pulsating heart of the Esoverse. The native language known as Deliric is so difficult to speak that most species would need to remove their tongue and 3 toes just to pronounce even the most basic of phrases. Delirios itself is no ordinary place, whilst dark and dingy, it’s coloured throughout the entire planet with neon, uv and the sounds of explicit good times in every direction. The Delirians embrace all species from across the galaxy to visit their homeworld since its reputation is famous for its hedonistic traits that encourage neverending indulgence, wild parties and relentless debauchery.

Whilst that all may sound like a vibe, one must remember to approach it with a slippery sense of caution since 42% of tourists either never leave or get caught up in the deep underworld who run such establishments. Some of the things that suck travellers into staying here for years are their endless sprawls of unusual nightlife, questionable bazaars, cocktail bars that serve drinks that change colour after every sip and every other beverage across the known esoverse (including the infamous pan galactic gargle blaster), underground gambling hotspots that boast thousands of the galaxy’s most popular games and many other entertainment sources that need to be seen to be believed…

As you wander through their surreal markets that stretches through winding alleys & alcoves, you’ll be entranced by the dizzying array of alien species, each with their own peculiar wares and customs, the scents of otherworldly cuisine and the sights of merchants haggling with creatures you couldn’t have imagined in your wildest dreams.

The deeper you go, you’ll find your way to Bush Techno the nightclub precinct, nestled in the shadow of a colossal, half-buried starship called Oronyx-7, the area is a swirling kinetic kaleidoscope of vivid lights, thumping basslines, and exotic alien dancers. The starship ruins loom above, transformed into a DJ booth where only the most prestigious underground, edgy and otherworldly DJs command the dancefloor with beats that could move celestial bodies.

Delirious has an insatiable appetite for the bizarre and the beautiful, and their nightlife is the stuff of legends. You’ll find yourself swept into a dance that transcends time and space, a psychedelic journey through the Esoverse’s most eccentric corner.

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