Bush Techno

Bush Techno

Locked and protected behind the Warped Arcade of Unwinnable Games lies a highly sought-after enclave called The Sanctum. This mysterious place is filled with glittering gemstones, precious ores, and ancient bones, pulsating with Kaleido’s energies. Holding it all together is the mesmerizing crystal ball, Kaleidika, a rare gemstone formed naturally in Kaleido’s Ground Zero. It serves as a conduit to the unknown, unlocking fortunetelling and whispering of futures untold.

The Sanctum is more than a repository of physical wealth; it holds the knowledge and prophecy of Kaleido, where wealth and wisdom tell the story of pasts and futures. This sanctuary houses lost treasures, furphy’s, and truths from across galaxies.

This lost treasury, hidden from prying eyes, is now protected by the planet itself. Its entrance is obscured by twisting vines and ancient sigils, guarding its secrets from unworthy seekers. But for those who possess the courage and wisdom to navigate the circus grounds, through hidden pathways, mazes, secret rooms, tunnels, and warped arcades, the rewards are beyond imagination.

However, some who venture into these depths never leave, consumed by greed and transformed into keepers of the Sanctum, absorbed by the planet itself. The Showman, a magician and creator of the Grand Park was among those lost in his quest for the treasures locked within The Sanctum. His spirit, intertwined with Kaleido, serves as a warning to all who seek this realm.

On the outskirts of The Sanctum there exists a shrine dedicated to those consumed by the Sanctum, known as the Bone Sanctuary. Many travellers, part of the Gypsy Caravan (Theme Camps) journey to Kaleido in search of the Sanctum, drawn by its mystique and hidden treasures.

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