Compost Toilets

Compost Toilets

Instead of opting for portaloos, we have always strived to opt for compost toilets as our chosen toilet for Esoteric due to their eco friendly nature compared to the chemical based portable toilets.

For years we have been refining how we build, maintain and manage our compost toilets along with how to treat the waste post event. All compost toilets are built inhouse and managed onsite throughout the year by a few dedicated locals from the region who are deeply passionate about eco friendly toilets and their construction, for that we thank these crew for the enormous hard work that goes into this initiatives as it’s no easy task.

Over the years both the science behind our compost toilets has evolved and the actions for them once they are filled are made more environmentally sustainable.

Once a compost toilet is filled they are left to settle for some time since their is a massive biological eco system and process that takes place, all without chemicals. Once a toilet is completely filled we send the samples to the lab for testing and if given the green (or brown) tick then it can be donated to farms for fertilizer compost.

The catch is that for this to be successful we need the help of everyone who comes to site, we can only donate this compost if it’s free from chemicals and approved by the lab. For that to happen please ensure that you do not throw rubbish or non biodegradable items into the compost toilets, no chemicals, rubbish, general rubbish because it affects the entire process.

Now that you know what is really going on with the compost toilets, you can will know that every time you’re getting down to business at Eso, you’re in some small way helping the environment when using it correctly.

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