The Esoteric Festival is a place of wonders, where performers of all kinds could show off their talents to the world!

Get drawn in to our creative on stage performances with our massive crew of dancers, jugglers, poi, aerials and acrobatics that are set you leaving in amazed by a show that is impossible to look away from.

Fire performers are always a huge winner with shows nearby Ascension in the evenings at the Fire Circle, with their daring skills. You’ll be wowed by their incredible moves whilst the smell of smoke fills the fresh night air.

The roving performance troupes throught the lands of Esoteric will leave you bewildered and perplexed with their varying costumes, moves, circus tricks and magic…

No matter what you’re flavour, we’ve got something for everyone both on and off stage, so strap in and get ready for an experience you’ll never forget!

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