Chill N Chai

Nestled in the serene nooks of Chill Island lies the ultimate chill spot: the Chill ‘n’ Chai tent, your haven of tranquility at Esoteric Festival.
Picture this: the sun dips low on the horizon as you sink into a cozy nook, sipping on warm, aromatic Chai that wraps you in a hug of comfort. But here’s the kicker – the air is alive with downtempo grooves, inviting you to let loose, letting the beats seep into your veins and hips.

Soak up the festival vibes as you sway to the music, all while basking in the laid-back atmosphere. Whether you’re seeking a breather from the festival frenzy or just want to vibe with good company, the Chill ‘n’ Chai tent is where it’s at. Join us for a chill session that’s as cool as it gets

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