Powered Camping

Powered Camping

Powered camping has finally landed at Esoteric!
Bring your own tent and campsite whilst having the luxury of power to charge devices, light up your campsite and everything in between!
There are strictly limited medium (10 x 8.3 m) and large (12.5 x1 0.1m) campsites to choose from.

Basic information about Powered Camping

Small Powered Camping plots are for 1 vehicle and its occupants, whilst large plots allow for 2 vehicles and its occupants.

No additional vehicles are permitted to set up on the space, although a car may drop off camping gear provided: they leave a driver’s licence, the registration number of the vehicle is recorded, the plot number is recorded, and they vacate powered camping area within 30 minutes

Failure of the above will mean no entry to drop off items, or if you do not return to collect your driver’s licence, staff will come and find you.

Your setup must fit within the space you have purchased. No exceptions. You will be intruding on your neighbour’s space if you extend any further.

If you plan to bring a caravan or RV you will need an adapter lead to plug into 10amp.

Important information about the usage of power:

Electricity is 240V, your camp will have access to 1 (one) 10 amp power outlet, so your total power load cannot exceed 2400W.

Do not leave heating equipment on. straighteners, heaters. For those who do not comply with this very important rule will have their power disconnected.

Personal sound devices such as ipod docks are permitted to be used, but please be considerate of your neighbours late at night and early in the morning.

No large sound systems are to be used at any time. These will be shut down/ confiscated if non-compliance is demonstrated

No generators are to be used in powered camping at any time.

The availability of power is suited to low wattage items such as personal electronic devices, phones, small ipod docks, laptops, fans etc. The combined use of items such as air conditioners, toasters, house-hold fridges, large sound systems and other high draw equipment can and will overload the circuit causing it to turn off. This will result in the loss of supply to you and your neighbours. Please mange your power consumption responsibly. 

Power supply may be intermittent and may turn off without warning for safety reasons. Therefore, we do not recommend on relying on powered camping power for any medical equipment or other critical/essential items. Response times to any power supply issues are dependent upon production priorities elsewhere in the festival.

To plug in to power, we recommend bringing 2 x 20m extension leads to make sure you can reach from your site to the nearest power outlet. Please also bring a 4 outlet power board to split into your campsite.

All leads must be tested and tagged even if they are brand new. You can get this done before the festival, or alternately there will be a test and tag service available during the day from Thursday lunchtime onwards for a small fee, please ask the staff in the area for more details.

We will endevour to keep the power on 24/7. We reserve the right to cut power if we are having overloading issues from your site or you are breaking our important safety guidelines.

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