At esoteric we believe small & intimate is the new big as it brings the energy & vibes like none other.

To ensure our community stays cool, small and intimate we currently have a strictly limited capacity.

Past buyers always get the first opportunity to purchase tickets, followed by those who preregistered and finally the general public.

SOLD OUT! – Gate Tickets
SOLD OUT! – Final Round
SOLD OUT! – Third Round
SOLD OUT! – Second Round
SOLD OUT! – First Round
SOLD OUT! – Early Birds
SOLD OUT! – Members

There will be no hold on ticket tiers at all, once they are sold they are gone…


We’d like to take a quick moment to warn people about the large amount of scammers and fake tickets that are online currently which is especially an issue as events such as our come close to full capacity.

If you arrive to Esoteric 2020 with a non valid ticket, you will be asked to leave and drive back home because we will be at full capacity. NO EXCEPTIONS as we strictly adhere to our permit.

First and foremost. The 110% method of getting a valid ticket is by purchasing online directly at Triniq, any other method of obtaining a valid ticket excluding Tixel has its risks.

Asides from direct online tickets, Industry tickets are sold out so therefore all that leaves are people who are reselling their tickets and also scammers.

There are all kinds of scamming attempts that range from scammers making up their own fake tickets to pretending to act on behalf of official ticket swapping companies such as Tixel & TicketSwap or even scammers just grabbing the money and running with no proof of tickets whatsoever. Be extremely cautious if you are intending on buying a second hand ticket.

we have partnered with Tixel to create a safe marketplace to swap tickets. Please only buy tickets through Tixel to avoid dodgy sellers and never transfer money to anyone via a bank transfer as these are likely scammers.

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