At esoteric we believe small & intimate is the new big as it brings the energy & vibes like none other.

To ensure our community stays cool, small and intimate we currently have a strictly limited capacity.

Key Dates

Tickets are as always first in, best dressed. Once each ticket tier sells out they are done. There will be no extra tiers once we are all sold out.

The timeline for the launch of tickets are;

Thurs 26 May – Past buyers receive their unique code to buy.
Thurs 9 June – Successful ballots receive their unique code to buy.
Thurs 11 August – Tickets go on sale to the public.


First Round – SOLD OUT!

Second Round – SOLD OUT!
Final Round – $400 + BF

There will be no hold on ticket tiers at all, once they are sold they are gone…


Tickets are on sale to the general public from 7pm Thursday 11 August.

We are continuing to tighten up the way tickets become accessible so we can maintain familiar positivity within our magical community event. Every single ticket purchased must have the name of the person entering and multiple tickets cannot be claimed under the one name at the gate.

To ensure we can keep the Esoteric Family coming back to enjoy our community over and over, past buyers will again get first priority on tickets.

If you purchased online tickets for ESO 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 or 2022 then you would’ve automatically received a unique code that allows you to purchase up to 2 tickets (one for you and one for a named friend) since 7pm Thursday 26 May. You guys are our tribe and we want you to have the first opportunity, so we are giving you a 2 week head start on tickets. After those 2 weeks were up we released tickets to those who had not been to Esoteric before but registered for a ballot.


We are continuing to allow payment plans via Zip. This makes it easier for our Esotericans to purchase tickets without having to fork out the cash upfront.

If you are planning to use ZipPay, some individuals may require pre-approval. It’s highly recommended to set up your ZipPay account at in advance to ensure a smooth purchase during the ticketing launch if you decide to use a payment plan.

Name Changes

We will open a ticket name change window later in the year. The finer details and recommendations will be provided closer to the date because we are changing how name changes, resales and ticket transfers work for ESO23. If you require a name change then join our name change waiting list here >>

Vehicle Pass

After consultation with the Buloke Shire Council & relevant authorities, we will continue to have vehicle passes to reduce vehicles impacting the region and encourage carpooling for safer driving. We recommend utilising transport services offered or carpooling with friends. A single vehicle pass is a requirement for each vehicle entering the site at a low cost of $25 + BF.

Early entry Pass

Our early access passes will be returning for Esoteric 2023 for those who are keen to settle in early. There will be some light entertainment on Thursday in the campgrounds for those interested in beating the Friday rush to get in and set up early. Limited Early Access Passes will cost $60 + BF to cover costs of keeping you safe for the extra day. The early entry will also ease the amount of traffic coming through the gates on the Friday, making entry faster for all.

Care Packages

Similarly like every year, we’ll be offering care packages with all your essential doof extras and access to the express lane upon entry for $60 + BF.

A reminder that our tickets do sell out every year and the opportunity to secure them at the discounted presale tiers will only be available once, so it’s best to lock in early.


We’d like to take a quick moment to warn people about the large amount of scammers and fake tickets that are online currently which is especially an issue as events such as our come close to full capacity.

Currently, Triniq will be the ONLY place where you can transfer a ticket to a new name.   All other platforms used to resell or buy 2nd hand tickets will not be accepted as a valid ticket. Do the safe thing, use the two official platforms only to avoid disappointment later.  Name changes will be available from December 1st through till February 14th. If your ticket doesn’t match your name, you will be denied entry at the gate. 

If you arrive to Esoteric with a non valid ticket, you will be asked to leave and drive back home because we will be at full capacity. NO EXCEPTIONS as we strictly adhere to our permit.

There are all kinds of scamming attempts that range from scammers making up their own fake tickets to pretending to act on behalf of official ticket swapping companies or even scammers just grabbing the money and running with no proof of tickets whatsoever.  Don’t risk it, just use Triniq.

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