The Sun Temple

The Sun Temple

In the heart of the Psychedelic Circus, at the centre of Kaleido, there exists a place unlike any other: Ground Zero, The Aspect of the planet. Here, amidst the kaleidoscope of colours and the pulsating rhythms, the psychedelic life force of Kaleido physically manifests, its essence vibrant and volatile, overpowering all who dared to approach.

Ancient structures have been erected where the planet spawns life, standing as a testament to the raw power of Kaleido that we can barely contain. Its towering spires reached towards the heavens like the fingers of a celestial being. Surrounded by swirling mists of pink and bright colours, the temple pulses with life, a reminder that CirqueDelic is alive. Within Ground Zero, the Aspect of Kaleido reigns supreme, its psychedelic nature contained just barely for our carnival enjoyment.

But entering the Ground Zero was not for the faint of heart. Here, the planet communicated directly with the minds of those who dared to tread its sacred ground, imparting visions and insights that transcended mortal understanding, it is a revelation, a glimpse into the volatile nature of the circus.

From this epicentre, the psychedelic mist and fog is birthed. They seep, creep, and weave their way throughout CirqueDelic, infusing it with the vibrant spirit of Kaleido, a testament to the planet’s raw, uncontained might, but also its beauty that transcends all corners of the Psychedelic Circus.

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