The Sun Temple

The Sun Temple

The temple of light, invigoration, restoration, protection, longevity and rebirth.

This year we gather after awaiting 500 years, to arise from the ashes of our own predecessors, we relinquish ourselves from the curses of the shadows that have no place in our lives. Unifying in a Utopian realm high within the cumulonimbus clouds, home to cascading waterfalls. Where all soul walkers come to
release themselves from their pasts, in the burning fury and combustion that births the phoenix – the Phoenix of fortitude, courage and renewal.

With every flame that dances, we too, shall dance among the embers that surround us – in a maelstrom of energy that allows us to electrify our essence and every fibre within our body.

May the discordance of the world find order.. in the core of the molten fire that pours out from the phoenix of reincarnation.

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