Genre: Progressive, Psy Trance

Stage: Sun Temple

The meaning of Rexalted is a combination of repeated and exalting music. The goal is to makes a psytrance music with special touch and unique mark that will leave an exalting feeling from each track and track.

Behind the name we can find Bar Nahman from eilat ,the most southern city on Israel.

In 2008 Bar started to get intersting with music production ,in 2014 his first release in 2014 called eastern invasion on Profound Records.

after hafter he done with his military service in 2014 he decided to take it one step further and joined to x7m records on 2016.

Now his opening his engines and placing a crossover of Psytrance & progressive with Restless Psychedelic vibes.

His music is influenced by talks, about mind blowing speeches interests.

Also combining oriental music touch.

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