The Lost Lagoon

The Lost Lagoon

In the center of the Esoverse, the famous Lost Lagoon emerges as a nonsensical retro-futuristic resort nestled within the vibrant planet of Flamara, delighting in the art of relaxation. This extraordinary vacation hotspot defies the laws of physics, offering a low-gravity escape saturated with outrageous pastel hues and mesmerising patterns.

Imagine a deranged architectural chimera, where the charm of retro Palm Springs collides with futuristic extravagance. Amidst sherbet-toned cactus plants and palm trees that sway to the otherworldly beats, the atmosphere carries the sweet scent of cotton candy clouds. Quirky motels, defying gravity, beckons travellers around a luxurious crisp lagoon, creating a utopian paradise madly obsessed with cultivating bliss.

Within the resort, the highly regarded Galactic Dive Inn stands as the pinnacle of accommodation in the galaxy. Indulgence awaits at the Cosmic Cabana, an exotic bar inviting guests to experience mind-bending cosmic cocktails. Adjacent to this captivating space, the Lunar Limbo Lounge challenges gravity, enabling revellers the novelty of dancing upside down on their glass ceilings while gazing into the enchanting cosmos below.

The air crackles with deranged beats and the soothing hum of hovercars, zipping by like caffeinated bumblebees. For cosmic fuel, Galactic Gulp, a gas station, dispenses Starbursta elixirs. These not only power ships but also infuse journeys home with a sparkling, effervescent flair, encapsulating the surreal cosmic spectacles and lunacy flowing rampant throughout the known Esoverse…

Cool off with a quick dip and swim in utopian paradise…

Bring your floaties, lilos, water guns and swimming toys!

Lifeguards will be on duty keeping everyone safe during the opening hours of The Lost Lagoon.

Open during the daylight hours only.

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