The Lost Lagoon

The Lost Lagoon

This inter-dimensional paradise is one that will surely to have you in awe, it will allow you access to a multitude of realms within this singular space. As you enter you are surrounded by multitudes of crystalline nebulas that are connected by refracting light. They serve as an opening for you to travel back and forth from and each one will allow you to see an alternative timeline. 

The center of this home is a molecular body of water that’s known as the sea of tranquility which is where our questions are answered as you stare into the divine reflection of yourself. This is an ethereal oasis that you can come to rejuvenate your soul from the journeys of the day.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…

Escape the heat in our manmade summer oasis The Lost Lagoon, a haven at Esoteric!

Cool off with a quick dip and swim in utopian paradise…

Bring your floaties, lilos, water guns and swimming toys!

Lifeguards will be on duty keeping everyone safe during the opening hours of The Lost Lagoon.

Open during the daylight hours only.

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