Enigma Hard Trance Party

Enigma Hard Trance Party

Starting out as a hard trance renegade stage that floated throughout the lands of Esoterica, our beloved onsite pre-party finally has it’s own place in the eso family…

From this point forth, let it be known that our ever evolving roaming hard trance pop up party is now named Enigma as it marks its spot within the Sun Temple, annually on the Esoteric Friday!

By popular demand, passionate parts of our community who are devoted to both psy and hard trance have bounded together to nurture this pre party to not just survive, but to thrive in the vast outdoors. Their vision is to bring the sounds of both past and present of this genre that was lost in the ruins.

Featuring local & international legends who have helped shape the scene into what it is today from an era you could only imagine, a place like no other, the infamous underground scene that took place in Melbourne years ago…

Enigma will keep you guessing, enigmatic by definition, esoteric by nature.

Join us for 12 hours on the Friday from 3pm till 3am on the Sun Temple big system to re-light the flame on such an incredible time that has played its part in evolving the harder styles of electronic music!

No matter where you’ve come from or where you’re going, this has got to be seen to be believed…

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