Genre: Hard Trance

Stage: Enigma, Sun Temple

S.H.O.K.K. (Marco Guardia and Claudio Pettannice) discovered their passion for electronic music during their school days. They worked together for 5 years creating genre-defining Trance and Hard classics such as; Folie a Deux, Isn’t It All A Little Strange, and many anthemic crossover remixes such as Cosmic Gate’s ‘Back To Earth’, Dave Joy’s ‘First Impression’, DJ Energy’s ‘Excelsis’, and Signum’s seminal ‘Coming On Strong’. As their taste of music began to change, in 2003 they decided to split and go their separate ways, leaving behind one of hell of a legacy indeed.

Following numerous years absence and many many emails and messages from the Hard Trance community, S.H.O.K.K. returned to the scene in 2008 with Nicolas Perrottey replacing Marco Guardia as producer, and Claudio remaining as always, the original representing DJ. Since then the partnership has gone from strength to strength releasing quality music on the who’s who of modern Hard Trance labels from Joyride to Hard Trance Europe, Tidy to Metamorph.

Recent years have seen S.H.O.K.K. make impressive appearances at Captured festival Ibiza, Liberation London, Frantic @ Ministry Of Sound, Kiddstock, Goodgreef, Trancecoda, Storm, Hindsight, Trance Sanctuary @ Fabric and of course at every annual Hard Trance Europe Weekender in the UK.

Having just played a part in mixing the latest Hard Trance Europe Compilation CD Series through Black Hole Recordings and a re-release of cult classic ‘Folie a Deux’ on picture disc, what better time could there be to witness this undisputed Swiss Hard Trance legend?

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