Companion Card

Companion Card

The Companion Card promotes the right of people with special needs, who require a companion, to fair ticketing at Australian events and venues. Esoteric is a member of Companion Card. Free entry is granted to companions of people with special needs.

If you aren’t familiar with the Companion Card Program then you can learn more about Companion Card here.

If you are a valid Companion Card Holder and would like to receive a free ticket for your companion then you must follow these steps:

Step 1: Read the Companion Card tickets terms & conditions below.

Step 2: Buy a ticket to Esoteric.

Step 3: Fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Step 4: You will receive a response shortly after with the final verification details to respond to.

Companion Card Terms & Conditions

1. The Companion Card is accepted to be used when the cardholder requires the assistance of a companion to attend Esoteric.
2. Companion Cardholders from any Australian state or territory will be eligible to receive one free ticket for their companion to attend to assist them where needed. The free ticket is for their companion, the cardholder themselves must purchase a standard ticket online.
3. Companion Cardholders must apply on this page to take advantage of this offer, our team will follow up to verify your card and then send you the free ticket for your companion.
4. The complimentary companion ticket will be subject to the usual admission availability and conditions.
5. Only the person whose photograph and details appear on the Companion Card can use the card.
6. Companion tickets cannot be used without the Companion Card cardholder being present.
7. Companion Card cardholders must inform us of their requirement for a companion ticket after they purchase their own ticket via the form on this page.
8. Acceptance of the Companion Card does not indicate that the venue is accessible. Cardholders are encouraged to get in touch with us to check accessibility before booking tickets.
9. Cardholders must provide their Companion Card details with them to Esoteric. If cardholders cannot present their card, they may be charged for the companion ticket.
10. If we suspect that the Companion Card is being misused, it will be reported to the National Companion Card program authorities, which will investigate the report. Proven misuse of the Companion Card may result in card cancellation, and the cardholder being ineligible to reapply.

Claim your Companion Ticket

To take the next step of verifying your companion card to receive a complementary companion ticket, please fill out the form below.

Companion Card Tickets
The code under your name on the PDF ticket.
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