Festival Theme

Festival Theme

Now for what you’ve all been waiting for, please welcome our full Esoteric 2025 Festival theme…


Far from our home, adrift in the vastness of space.

We, the cosmic travellers of the Esoverse, found ourselves yearning for a place of belonging. We drifted through space, searching for sanctuary amidst the stars, until we stumbled upon Kaleido – A planet shrouded in psychedelic mists of pink and purple.

Kaleido, with its lopsided landscapes and hallucinogenic atmosphere, was a place of intense visions and extreme hallucinations. Simply breathing in the air, thick with creamy mist, sent the mind into a kaleidoscopic frenzy of unimaginable sensations. Our very beings are consumed and controlled by the aspect of the planet.

Stories are told of Kaleido’s mind-bending effects, and few dare to explore its depths. Yet, against all odds, we set out to create a sanctuary on this wild, untamed world.

We built the Psychedelic Circus – CirqueDelic, our creation amidst the stars. Using materials from across the Esoverse, we contained the essence of Kaleido within our carnival grounds, transforming it into a bizarre showcase of crazy.

We welcome you to our sanctuary, where the bold and the bizarre come together, and where the fabric of reality is tested.

We have only partially subdued the power of Kaleido… What occurs within the Psychedelic Circus is unpredictable and often out of our control…

Roll up Roll up to the greatest show: Esoteric 2025 – Psychedelic Circus

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