They claim that we can reach enlightenment – they claim that our spirits can ascend. This suggests that eventually, we reach enlightenment and we no longer continue to develop. We reach the limit of our consciousness, to never return to Earth again. 

But what about a realm in which we’re forever ascending? Forever travelling at the speed of light, through the atmospheres of life. We welcome you to step into the infinite, geometric environment of Ascension! Allow your cortex to be sucked into the vortex of divine symmetry – as we twist, twirl and fall in to the complex soundscapes that our operators provide for us. 

They allow our souls to unfurl into a place in which we no longer question ourselves ceaselessly – in which we collect our fragments and become whole. 

The quest for higher contact continues in 2021 at Esoteric – Welcome.

Brought to you by the Esoteric, Visumotus and Contact High crews.

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