There is nothing quite like the majestic tapestry of Ascension Prime, a natural wonder in the outskirts and lush depths of the Esoverse that remains untouched by advanced civilisations. Only the most zany and intrepid explorers with an insatiable curiosity for the unknown will find themselves immersed in this awe-inspiring realm of bioluminescent symphony of colour & sound, where vibrant glowing plants and fantastical creatures intertwine to create a mesmerising harmonious habitat.

Enter the massive enchanted garden, where Harmonaegas, the most mystical and melodious flowers in the Esoverse, bloom in all their extraordinary glory. These enigmatic blossoms defy the limits of known biology, emitting captivating melodies that blend seamlessly with the transcendent fusion of sound and light. With every step, a melodious chain reaction ensues, as Harmonaegas awaken, unfurling their vibrant petals and releasing enchanting tunes. The sky itself becomes a living canvas, adorned with nebulous swirls of pulsating colours, perfectly attuned to the rhythm of the psychedelic beats that fill the air. These melodies possess healing powers, soothing anxious minds and evoking profound joy in those who are fortunate enough to hear them. Prepare to lose yourself in the sweet serenade of nature’s harmonious choir, as reality fades away and euphoria takes its place.

The gigantic trunks of enormous sentient trees known as the Sylvachants are as ancient as the stars themselves, and have been guided by the rhythm of the planet. Their bioluminescent bark pulsates in response to the music that fills the air.  

At Ascension Prime, you’ll find yourself immersed in this breathtaking a habitat where absurdity and boundless imagination converge on the edge of reality and where you will embark on a sensory journey like no other in a world of sensory synesthesia that creates a multisensory masterpiece that resonates through the Esoverse.

The quest for higher contact continues at Esoteric – Welcome.

Brought to you by the Esoteric, Mae & Moa and Visumotus crews.

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