Sophie deLightful Presents: Esoverse Cabaret

Join Sophie deLightful and her crew of dusty doof monkeys as they present the first ever Esoteric Cabaret!! 

Modelled on this year’s theme of “Eso-Verse”, the three-night run of shows will explore past lives, turn the present day upside down and peek into an eccentric future. The perfect start to your night on the dancefloor, where you will experience something new, ridiculous and unforgettable – from crazy circus to sexy striptease. 

Come join us in the Moonlight Cinema at the Amphitheatre Friday to Sunday, 9-10pm.



Friday: Past-verse
We turn back the clocks to explore what some of our pasts may have been, seen through the eccentric eyes of our carnie cavalcade. What seedy secrets may be uncovered, what horrors have we missed in this century, does this all explain why we are like this??

Saturday: Present-verse
It’s the present! But is it truly a present? Showcasing the 21st century, the gift that keeps on giving, in all its weird and wonderful glory. It’s today – but as you’ve never seen it before. 

Sunday: Future-verse
What will your future look like? A hard question when many of you don’t even know which DJ you want to see tomorrow. It’s going to be a wild, sexy and probably stupid time. Join us on the final night of Esoteric’s very first cabaret series!

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